Martin Thomas is an autistic Jamaican artist, this website provides store for his artwork and is also a medium to showcase his achievements.


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Thank you Martin I love my picture!
When I saw this painting of my children (Zen and Zaneya) that Martin did from memory, I was so impressed as he really captured the essence of their personality and their similarities. You inspire me, for all you have achieved and all you continue to accomplish.
I love Martin's art because it reminds me of my travelling experiences in the Caribbean, and the cartoon people/animals he draws are always so cute!
Well done Martin keep on drawing and painting, Brilliant!

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Why Choose Our Shop

We live in a society where some believe that those with certain disabilities are incapable of providing quality products and services such as Martins art. Help to prove them wrong and support mARTism!

There are still lots of people in the world who are uneducated about Autism. By purchasing our art you become a part or a community that is committed to lowering this number and making the world Autism Aware.

mARTism is a tight knit family run business. When you deal with us you are engaging in what will become an ongoing relationship (if you wish). We are friendly and provide top quality and genuine customer support.

Its hard enough being autistic, but being autistic in a country such as Jamaica that has limited resources to help those affected makes the opportunity for work very slim. By supporting mARTism you are also helping Martin build for the future.

There is no other artist out there with Martin’s style, he brings something new to the world of art with his quirky characters and designs. They look great (But would look even better on your wall )